Hiking and cycling


You are at the heart of the PNR (Regional Natural Park) of the Ariège Pyrenees in Couserans. Nature is wild and abrupt, dotted with altitude lakes, torrents and waterfalls, and of course peaks that invite us to hike. It’s not an easy mountain: it must be earned, but it knows how to offer its jewels to everyone. Like the Cirque de Cagateille, a natural garden irrigated with waterfalls in a granite mountain carved by the ice ages. These rugged terrains, which the intensive human economy has not (yet?) been able to subdue, have preserved a variety of flowers and animals, many of which only survive here (endemic). Iris, gentian, saxifrage, edelweiss, lily, rhododendron, arnica, the list would be endless, not to mention those that we love: blueberry, raspberry, wild thyme, morel, chanterelle, porcini … Meeting animals requires a little more experience and care, except when the odds are involved; but then what excitement to see the chamois scampering off blowing with rage through the most vertiginous walls, or even to discover the whole colony of marmots which, however, had been whistling in our ears for some time. The easiest way is to look up: large raptors such as griffon vultures, bearded vultures or eagles with their two to three meters wingspan do not soar unnoticed. But no more chattering, the best is still to be there. I offer you a list of hikes around the cottage, to give you some ideas according to your level.
For more details on the hikes, discover a site that is well worth the detour: the Couserans Tourist Office site


In the Couserans, cycling enthusiasts also have their share of the cake to taste a wild nature, where emblematic peaks and landlocked valleys mingle. The variety of landscapes is a real pleasure for adventurous cyclists, whether they are on bikes or mountain bikes. Here are some good tips for them: circuits, specialized sites, etc … And for mountain bikers, note that the Tourist Office site offers circuits as varied as they are wild, to visit absolutely!


Vers le port d'Aua
Itinéraires VTT dans le Couserans
les incontournables itinéraires de vélo de route en Ariège

Mountain bike

    The hikes by level of difficulty

Easy walks or hikes

  • Cirque de Cagateille
  • Tour des villages
  • Plateau d’Ajéou

Medium walks or hikes

  • Cascades de Lastien
  • Le Vallon de Bielle
  • Cascade d’Ars
  • Pic de la Tèse – Pic de Soubirou
  • GR 10 – Le tuc de Peyre Mensongère et Col de Fitté
  • Etang de la Hillette
  • Etang d’Alet
  • Vallée de Marterat
  • Chateau de Mirabat
  • Tuc de l’Adosse
  • Etang de Turguilla
  • Etang d’Aubé

Difficult hikes

  • Tour Cirque Hillette – Alet
  • Port de Marterat
  • Boucle par Crusous
  • Etangs de Turguilla par le Cirque

Very difficult hikes

  • Montabone

  • Couillac

  • Traversée étangs Turguilla – étang de la Hillette

  • Traversée Alet-Marterat